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Software for Windows

SFR basic

SFR basic is a configuration utility for SFR base units and cards. The utility also allows you to organize permanent card reading into a file. This is the easiest way to integrate SFR system into your event management software. Installation not required.

Download SFR basic
Download finish log example
in SFR event centre format (default)
Download SFR basic source code
This software created in Embarcadero C++ builder 11.3
You can use it free in your projects.


SFR reader for MeOS event management software

Setup installs reader for MeOS software. Setup will also install ActiveX component, which allows to use Microsoft Excel as event management software. Example for software developers attached.

Download Setup

Download Excel example

MeOS homepage

How to use SFR in MeOS:
1. Start MeOS.
2. Start SFR2MEOS.exe.
3. Set TCP port on "SportIdent" tab in MeOS and connect. Port numbers in MeOS and SFR2MEOS must be equal.
4. Use Open/Close SFR button in SFR2MEOS to start/stop reading. Program still running in tray, you can minimize it.